Why Foster Learning Pakistan?

Foster learning Pakistan, a social enterprise aiming to bring revolution in youth by developing leadership and entrepreneurship skills & blah blah blah.. Anyone can have this detail by simply searching foster online. No doubt, the description is quite impressive and convincing, but one may ask, Why Foster Learning Pakistan? You can find many other organizations with similar aims and vision. Then why choose Foster? Why give your precious time to another regular organization? The question is simple but difficult to answer. Everyone have their own perception of why so I will not exaggerate anything to attract or persuade people. I can simply share my Why that may help you to Figure out your Why about Foster.
So why choose Foster Flagship Program?

For me, Foster has brought a 180 angle shift in my personality. When I started this fellowship, I had no idea how it would go. I can do the given tasks or not. But all hails to foster, they will make you do those things that you consider yourself impossible to do, leaving no stone unturned to bring out the best version of you. All of their activities have a hidden meaning and benefit in them. When we started these tasks, I was like what is the purpose of these tasks? Are they crazy? How would planting a tree help me? How collecting clothes would make me a leader? How meeting CEO’s and outreaching schools would improve my communication? And most importantly, how these stupid tasks would teach entrepreneurship to me?
Nevertheless, I completed all these tasks (jo k mjhe foster k bahir koi kehta to me kehti k are you mad? How can I do these things? 😛 ) though they were challenging but also fun for me. But at the end, the benefits I gained from these activities are countless. All these tasks had taught me challenges that I need to face to survive in society. They told me that I have to communicate if I want people to listen to me. They gave me confidence & courage to speak out loud and communicate my thoughts. They polished the leader inside me who has to work hard to keep his team together, leading them to right path. They told me what efforts are needed to be an entrepreneur, to generate an idea and convince people to listen to you & invest time in you. The difficulties I faced has made me stronger and showed me what it takes to survive in this continuously changing world. You have to change yourself according to needs of society because change is an inevitable truth in this world.
For an introvert and under-confident person like me, it was an uphill task to work outside of my comfort zone. But the entire foster team, from the CEO to all mentors and members of this family, is so much positive and full of energy. They make you believe in you when you don’t even want to believe in yourself. They know you better than you and this is what happened to me. They motivated me, pushed me to struggle and here I am, that introvert dumb student who didn’t know anything about writing and communication, writing an entire blog. This may not be a big deal for everyone, but for a person who studied urdu medium till metric, who is sick of bashing about grades and stuff, who kept on hearing that you can’t do anything except being a bookworm, you cannot be confident enough to speak in public, you cannot perform good in practical life, well here it is, I am speaking and I am writing and I’m determined to learn and grow every-day and this is the lesson that foster gave me, that every coming day has something to teach you. There is still positivity & hope. If I can do these things, why can’t you? You just have to believe in you and keep trying because