“If a Muslim plants a tree or grow grains and a bird, a person or an animal eats from it will be counted as a charity for him.”
(Bukhara, “al-Khars ve’l-Muzara”, Muslim, “Musakaat”, H. No: 12).

Tree plantation, is necessity of the present time as in we have damaged our ozone layer and environment this much that most probably our coming generations won’t be able to breath in the fresh air. We plan to provide everything best for our children so that they could grow in the best environment and for that we shouldn’t be neglecting the need of fresh air and that is only possible if we grow enough trees. Growing or planting trees is not only the necessity of time it’s also a sunnah and is one of the easiest way of charity and charity will be rewarded by Allah (SWT) which is going to be the best reward.

Whoever plants a tree is rewarded by Allah as much as the produce grown in that tree.” 
(Ahmad b.Hanbal, Musnad, V, 415.)

“Whoever plants a tree and diligently looks after it until it matures and bears fruit is rewarded,” 
(Ahmad b.Hanbal, Musnad, IV, 61, 374)

  You know only a single grown up tree provides oxygen upto 70 people and as population is increasing day by day in fact minute by minute the need of oxygen is increasing and for that we should avail every easy possible chance to play our role in providing oxygen to the people.

Foster Learning Pakistan was not grown into a grown up business but has planted over 40,873 trees in different areas of Pakistan and In SHA ALLAH both foster and these plants will grow and provide the best to the people in coming Years as they are doing so and have signed a contract with PHA of planting 10 million plants and that will be completed till 2020.

Play your role in protecting the environment and plant a tree for a better future.

“If any of you have a date sapling on the doomsday he should plant it -if possible.” 
(Bukhara, Edebu’l-mufred, (thk., Halid Abdurrahman), p. 138, Daru’l-Ma’rife, Beirut, 1966).