Save trees, Save life.

Deforestation has become one of major issues these days. We are cutting trees without realizing its adverse effects on environment. Increasing pollution and health issues are some major consequences of this practice. Plantation thus has become a necessity of today’s life.
Trees play an important role in maintaining natural ecosystem. We are very well aware of increasing global warming and weather issues. Our Climate is becoming hot with each coming day but no one is taking it seriously. Reforestation rate is very low as most newly planted trees fail to survive due to lack of proper care. There has been increasing smog issues recently which causes serious health issues. There are no more enough trees to filter fresh air for us. Increasing population means increasing demands of trees to maintain the balance. Therefore, we have to do something if we want to survive in future.
Considering present alarming situation, Foster has decided to take an initiative to protect our environment by planting more and more trees. We therefore started a ten million tree plantation drive in collaboration with PHA (Parks and Horticulture Authority). This project not only focuses on planting trees but also on their survival. They will be given proper care and environment to ensure their growth.
Out of 10 million trees, a small forest of 70,000 trees will be made in the name of our Martyrs who protected us in the hour of need. Each single tree will be planted with the name of every single Martyr which will remind us of their courage and bravery. It will be a small tribute to them for their countless sacrifices. Starting with Lahore, Our target is to plant one million trees in Lahore, and then moving towards other cities to make Pakistan Green and Healthy.
We want to see a green Pakistan, full of health and prosperity. And it is possible only if we work together. Sitting hopelessly and waiting for others to do something will not solve our problems. No trees means no future. It is the time for us to try, to start. Even at a slow rate, we can succeed only if we don’t stop our efforts.
Foster welcomes everyone to be a part of this noble cause and make Green Pakistan a reality. There is still hope so let’s work together and
“Let The Green be Seen!”